Positive leaders

Unearthing Hidden Gems: The Quest for Positive Leaders in Your Organisation

Imagine discovering who the standout performers within your company are

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Beyond “Thank You”: How Gratitude Can Transform Workplace Engagement.

Manners cost nothing but mean everything

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The Power of Words: How Positive Leadership Elevates Communication and Reduces Workplace Conflict

The power of words are often underestimated and can make or break a work environment

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Misplaced Investments: Why HR Leaders Might Be Betting on the Wrong Talent

In the high-stakes game of talent management, HR leaders are often tasked with making pivotal decisions that can shape the…

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giving up

Unlocking the Mind’s Quit Button: The Psychology Behind Giving Up

We’ve all been there—on the brink of giving up, teetering on the edge of despair.

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comfort zone

Breaking Free from the Comfort Drug: The Uplifting Power of Uncomfortable Spaces

Today more than ever, it is easy to become a slave to comfort.

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embracing failure

Embracing Failure: How Business Leaders Can Learn From A Mothers Love & Acceptance

How my journey transformed my perspective on failure

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Cultivating Resilience in the Workplace: A Positive Psychology Blueprint

In the dynamic post-pandemic professional landscape, cultivating resilience has become paramount. With positive psychology as our guide, we’re championing workplaces that not only withstand adversities but also burgeons as epicentres of growth and innovation

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Self compassion

Bringing Self-Compassion into the Workplace

In an age where efficiency and productivity are often considered the hallmarks of success, the concept of self-compassion in the…

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hidden treasure of failure

The hidden treasure of Failure: Unlocking success through our misstep

In a world that often values success and shuns failure, there is a hidden treasure often overlooked

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